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In this blog, I've organised the pictures in my own way, and i hope this will help you for better navigation.

  • I have categorized the pictures into general (home), cinema and sports.
  • 'General' (home) include labels nature, kids, animals, fun, illusion, photography, etc.,
  • 'Cinema' include labels actress, actor, Hollywood, bollywood, etc., and
  • 'Sports' include labels cricket, tennis, football, etc.,
  • If you are interested to subscribe the posts via email, you can subscribe it individually (general, cinema & sports) by entering your email in the subscription box at the footer. If you don’t want to subscribe the cinema pictures, don't worry, you can skip it.
  • High resolution pictures are labeled as “wallpapers” normally they are 1024x728, 800x600 and even high resolution.
  • You can find your desired pictures using the appropriate labels beside. For example, if you want to download the scenery wallpapers, you can easily find it where the post contains both labels 'wallpaper' and 'scenery'.
  • Your comments and feedback are much appreciated!

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